Invest Like A Shark

James RevShark DePorre is widely viewed as one of the nation's top stock market investment advisors launches his new book Invest Like a Shark

" The book you are holding is, hands-down, one of the most original and insightful books I have ever read when it comes to teaching you, the individual investor, not only why you have the ability to beat the Whales of Wall Street, but also how you can do it."
                        --from the Foreword by James J. Cramer, CNBC's Mad Money and

"Even investors who concentrate on fundamentals can benefit from Jim Deporre's shark approach to investing. In the very least they will know why, for a time, they can get the facts right but the stock wrong."
                       --Herb Greenberg, senior columnist,

"There are very few traders who have RevShark's intuitive feel for the market. I especially appreciate Rev's unique ability to recognize and utilize the distinct advantages of being a smaller, individual investor versus the less agile large institutions"
                        --Barry Ritholtz, Chief Investment Officer, Ritholtz Capital Partners

"The Shark method of investing is a clear and novel description of how the small, individual investor can beat the large 'Whales' on Wall Street."
                       -- Charles D. Kirkpatrick, co-author of Technical Analysis: The Complete Resource , and Editor, The Journal of Technical Analysis

James RevShark DePorre's new book Invest Like a Shark

James ?RevShark ?DePorre is widely viewed as one of the nation's top stock market investment advisors. A self-made multimillionaire, he is president of both Shark Asset Management, Inc., and Shark Investing Inc., and has been a featured writer for Jim Cramer's and since 2001. A pioneer in educating investors online, DePorre joined Herb Greenberg in 1995 to found AOL's The Shark Attack trading site, which quickly became a premier destination for serious traders. In 1999 he founded Shark Investing, which has evolved from its chat room roots into a full service educational and financial content website.

In this book, ?RevShark ?DePorre reveals how to maximize your powerful and unique advantages as a small investor: speed and flexibility. If you read or, you already know DePorre and his inspiring personal story of how he lost his hearing, career, and marriage…turned to online investing out of desperation…and succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. Now, in this fast-paced, insightful, and entertaining book, DePorre shows how you can do it, too.

Shark Investing is the ideal investing style for the average individual investor. It is an approach that capitalizes on the many unique attributes and advantages possessed by the smaller investor. Shark investors know that it is futile to try to compete directly against the Whales of Wall Street. There is no way the little guy will outgun a multi-billion dollar investing giant. So what they do is find ways to use their small size, quickness and aggressiveness to outmaneuver and outrun the big slow moving fish. more... Free iOS Transfer retrieve deleted text messages iphone transfer music from ipod to computer Free Video Converter Convert MKV to AVI with subtitles


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